Blue Sakura – The Best Sushi in Leeds?

Blue Sakura – The Best Sushi in Leeds?

As I write this post I am completely and utterly content. I’m relaxing on my oh-so-comfy sofa in bunny PJs, with a stomach so full of sushi that I can hardly move. Sushi is my favourite food, so if I’m writing that somewhere does the best sushi in Leeds, I really have to mean it! Cue Blue Sakura, an all-you-can-eat sushi restaurant in the arena quarter of Leeds. When I found out that such a place had opened, I eagerly awaited the next time that a hangover, a sushi craving and a bottomless appetite would grace my presence.

Nell smiling at the camera and holding up a hand roll. She's sat on a leather sat at Blue Sakura Leeds with colourful wallpaper behind her and he looks very, very happy.

Eventually, the day came around when I was wandering around Leeds with my boyfriend Billy, hangover in tow, and on the hunt for some food. I wasn’t heading in any particular direction, but I ended up near the Merrion Centre and remembered that Blue Sakura was just around the corner. There was no doubt in my mind that a sushi binge was imminent. Minutes later, we were seated at our table and I had a new favourite restaurant. If you love sushi or Japanese food, read on and make sure that Blue Sakura, Leeds, is your next dining destination!

The Concept

As I’ve mentioned, Blue Sakura Leeds serves up all-you-can-eat sushi. There is an a la carte option, but with the all-you-can-eat offering costing between £19.95 and £34.95 per person depending on when you go, and many of the individual dishes costing £7/£8/£9, you’d be crazy not to opt for the bottomless option!

Two rectangular white plates with various sushi rolls on them, including the rose nigiri. Served up at Blue Sakura Leeds

Once seated, you’re given a tablet to order your food from. This means there’s no need to worry about constantly bothering the waiter to order more sushi, and no need to feel judged (not that you should ever, ever be judged for eating too much sushi). The tablet is simple to use, with categories for easy navigation and an overview page so you can remind yourself what you’ve just ordered whilst you wait. You can even order your drinks from the tablet – we had a bottle of Romanian white wine that went perfectly with the food!

The Food at Blue Sakura, Leeds

Right, the important bit. Does an all-you-can-eat menu and ordering on tablets affect the quality of the food? Is it all a great idea that isn’t executed as well as you’d hope? Are the portions tiny and the rice too dry? The answer to all of these questions at Blue Sakura, Leeds, is no. The sushi is heavenly, some of the best I’ve ever tasted.

Sashimi is always the test because there’s nothing to hide behind, so I made sure to try the salmon, tuna, seabass and octopus sashimi all of which was melt-in-the fresh and generous in portion size. We had all the usual – nigiri, maki, hand rolls – plus a few new dishes. Particular favourites were the Black Dragon Roll (very similar to my favourite sushi dish of all time: the Godzilla roll from Candle Bar Edo Sushi, R.I.P), the Spicy Tuna Crispy Roll and the Rose Nigiri (we tried salmon, tuna and seabass all shaped around rice to make a rose).

Salmon and Tuna sashimi sat on top of ice at Blue Sakura Leeds. The image is a close up and the colours are vibrant, the fish looks very fresh.

If you’re not into sushi, there are plenty of cooked dishes on the menu such as Tempura Prawns, Katsu Chicken, Yakitori and Beef Teriyaki. The hot dishes tasted great, but next time I’ll skip these and save more room for the sushi. On our first visit we ate 24 plates of food, but we have since increased this record to 29. I just really, really like sushi!

The Service at Blue Sakura, Leeds

Although you order from tablets, the staff are incredibly friendly and always happy to help – and bring you more food! We were given a warm welcome, and I have since been greet by name (too much sushi?!), and importantly my avocado allergies was taken great care of. Our waiter assured me that he was letting the kitchen know that I could order anything from the menu and he would make sure it was all prepared without the green stuff. Every now and again he would come to our table to make sure everything was ok and no avocado was in sight.

Nell's boyfriend Billy ordering food on a tablet at Blue Sakura Leeds. He's concentrating and slightly biting his lip in anticipation.

All the staff were lovely, and when I tried to joke about the amount of food we’d eaten they took great pride in telling us that last week one person had eaten 35 plates by himself! That puts our record of 29 plates between two of us to shame.

The Verdict

There is nothing bad to say about a restaurant that serves all the delicious, fresh sushi I could possibly eat, along with perfectly paired wine, at a great price. Even the wasabi, soy sauce and pickled ginger was high quality! Blue Sakura Leeds will absolutely be my go-to hangover (and all the time) restaurant, especially now that Candle Bar Edo Sushi is no longer around. Full marks from me!

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    I completely agree and love this place!!! Such a gorgeous choice of food, especially the seared tuna!

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