Where to Find the Best Sushi in Leeds City Centre

I love sushi, I could eat it for breakfast, lunch and dinner every day and not get sick of it (I think). It’s my go-to hangover food, which a lot of people find odd, but the freshness of the fish, the stodgy rice and the salty soy sauce offer the perfect combination for recovering from one too many. I originally wrote this post as a bit of a moan about the sushi scene in Leeds taking a downhill turn after my favourite restaurant, Candle Bar Edo Sushi, closed down and Issho stopped their bottomless Sunday sushi. However, I’m now giving this post an update as I’m feeling good about the sushi scene again. So, instead of a moan, here’s my guide to finding the best sushi in Leeds city centre!

Blue Sakura

Let’s start with my favourite and, in my opinion, the best sushi in Leeds. I thought that the best day of my life was when I found out that Candle Bar would be opening Edo Sushi and that I’d be living above a sushi restaurant (followed by the worst day when I found out it was closing). However, it turns out the best day of my life was actually when I found out that a bottomless sushi restaurant would be opening in Leeds. Depending on when you visit, the price for unlimited sushi at Blue Sakura ranges from £19.95 to £34.95 and not only do you get to eat as much as you want AND play with a tablet to order, but the sushi is insanely good, with melt-in-the-mouth sashimi. So good in fact, that I have a whole blog post dedicated to Blue Sakura here.

Two long plates of sushi at Blue Sakura, showing different types of sushi and a tuna roll being picked up by chopsticks

Senbon Sakura

This place serves really good quality food. Their Katsu Curry is to die for, and their Spicy Tuna Love Roll (minus the avocado) is probably the best tuna roll I’ve ever had – and I order tuna rolls every time I have sushi. They have a huge menu with all the classics, plus a few different bits and bobs like the Spicy Kimchi Chicken Wings which you MUST order! I don’t have a bad word to say about Senbon Sakura, other than the fact that they’re closed on Sundays which is when I’m most likely to be craving sushi.

Little Tokyo

Little Tokyo is another contender for best sushi in Leeds and the best Katsu curry in Leeds, and definitely winner of best tempura prawns! They focus more on hot Japanese food but their sushi is still on point, in particular the sashimi. There aren’t as many options when it comes to the sushi dishes as the other venues in this blog post, but if you’re after the classics then you can’t go wrong. The interior is also really cool with sunken seating and a fish pond with a bridge!!

Salmon nigiri and Maki neatly lined up - best sushi in Leeds


If you want upmarket sushi and Japanese food alongside trendy cocktails then head to Issho. All of the dishes feel premium, the Spider Rolls in particular are excellent and the Bao buns are like little fluffy clouds of love! The interior is modern yet inviting, and the highlight is an outdoor terrace with gorgeous views over the city and comfortable seating for enjoying an extensive drinks menu. Issho is more expensive than the other places listed in this blog post, so it’s more suitable for a special occasion (or maybe a first date!) than a hungover sushi binge.

A pair of bao buns with pork belly inside, sat next to each other on a plain plate at issho sushi leeds

HOWEVER. I mentioned in my opening paragraph that I was disappointed to find that Issho had stopped doing their bottomless Sunday brunch. Well, it looks like it’s been brought back! This means that you can eat as much sushi as you want for £30 and add free-flowing Prosecco for £15. It’s been a while since I’ve been, so I’ll visit on a Sunday soon and see how it compares to Blue Sakura’s bottomless offering – will it overtake Blue Sakura as the best sushi in Leeds?

Sushi Waka

Sushi Waka might not have the beautifully designed interior of Blue Sakura and Issho, and the toilets are really cold, but they do good sushi at a reasonable price! The food isn’t quite luxurious as the other venues I’ve written about, but you can’t go wrong with their sushi platters ranging from £13.80 to £26.80 and their filling bento boxes. Sushi Waka wouldn’t be my first choice for the best sushi in Leeds, but it’s certainly not a bad option! Plus, there is a karaoke bar upstairs, what more could you need?

A platter of sushi in leeds showing different types of nigir and salmon maki


Admittedly, I haven’t actually tried Teppanyaki! I have no idea why because it’s always been there, I love Japanese food and it’s not like it’s out of the way. But for some strange reason, I’m yet to visit. However, I’m including it because they do serve sushi and I promise that I’m going to visit soon, in the name of blog research of course. I’ll let you know how it goes – in the mean time, can any of you help me out with some words of review?

So, where do you think does the best sushi in Leeds city centre? Let me know if I’ve missed anywhere!

Nell xx

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