Leeds Food Tours: What to Do in Leeds For Foodies

Leeds Food Tours: What to Do in Leeds For Foodies

Ad - Leeds Food Tours is my own product.

This is a very exciting blog post for me, because I’m introducing my very own business – Leeds Food Tours! Who’d have thought that I’d be an actual business owner? If you follow me on instagram, you’ll probably be well aware of Leeds Food Tours already, but if you’ve found this post because you’re wondering what to do in Leeds, then let me tell you all about it!

Leeds Food Tours, what to do in Leeds: A plate of Yorkshire puddings surrounded by pints of local beer, on a wooden table

Before I get stuck in, a quick note to say that there is now a Leeds Food Tours ebook! It’s packed full with recommendations and even includes recipes from favourite pubs, restaurants, cafés and street food vendors.

You can find out more about the ebook here!

What to Do in Leeds: What is Leeds Food Tours?

Leeds Food Tours is an independent business (run by me!), offering bookable food tours around Leeds city centre. It aims to showcase the best independent pubs, restaurants, street food vendors and more, and to promote these small businesses as well as the local suppliers that many of them use.

If you join a food tour, I’ll personally take you to some of my favourite eateries where you’ll enjoy a tonne of food, a couple of drinks and leave with a full belly, an insight into the history of Yorkshire cuisine and a new found appreciation of the diverse food and drink offerings in the city.

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Credit: Conor Spencer

There are a few different tours to join depending on your tastes, including the Local Leeds, Street Food and Vegan tours. Independent businesses using local ingredients are at the heart of all of the tours, alongside making sure that you have a great time!

What to do in Leeds: What Happens on a Leeds Food Tour?

What happens on a Leeds Food Tour? Exactly what you’re in for depends on which tour you book, but you can expect your tour to take 3-5 hours and take you to 5-7 independent venues, with food provided at every stop (sometimes multiple tastings!) and a few drinks thrown in too. Whichever tour you choose, even with the biggest of appetites you will feel full by the end!

Leeds Food Tours, what to do in Leeds: a group of tour guests sat around a table and smiling at the camera

It’s not just about eating though. You’ll learn about the venues we visit, the foods we eat and the history of food and drink in Leeds, Yorkshire and beyond. For example, on the Local Leeds tour (named as such because the venues have built their menu around local ingredients) you’ll learn about the foods invented in Leeds, what people used to eat in Yorkshire in the 17th, 18th and 19th centuries and some fun Yorkshire pudding facts.

Leeds Food Tours, what to do in Leeds: a man and woman holding up bowls of dim sum whilst having their photograph taken by someone else
Credit: Conor Spencer

On the street food tour, you’ll find out what the first ever street food was, how the concept of street food has developed over time, and some of the characters selling food on the streets of Leeds in years gone by such as Pie Jack.

When, Where and How Much?

The Local Leeds Food tours run on Saturdays at 11.45am, the Street Food tour runs at 6pm on Thursdays and the Vegan Food tour runs at 6pm on Tuesdays. There’s a Kirkgate Market food tour coming your way soon too, which is likely to run on alternate Saturdays.

Leeds Food Tours, what to do in Leeds: bao buns steaming in a huge bamboo steamer
Credit: Conor Spencer

If there’s a specific date or time that you’d like to come on a food tour and there are at least two of you, drop me an email at hello@leedsfoodtours.com and I will try my best to accommodate. As the Local Leeds tour includes a visit to Kirkgate Market, I’m unable to run this tour on Sundays or in the evenings as the market is closed.

All tours start outside the Queen’s Hotel next to the train station, making it easy to find if you’re travelling into Leeds. We’ll then cover approximately 1 mile (slightly more on the vegan tour) in distance with plenty of stops, making it an easy walk. We’ll stop between venues (unless its raining!) so that I can give you some foodie facts and point out interesting landmarks, and finish the tour near the train station too.

Leeds Food Tours, what to do in Leeds: Nell talking to the tour group about Trinity Kitchen
Credit: Conor Spencer

All tours currently cost £55 per person and that includes food at 5-7 stops, alcoholic drinks at 2-3 stops (soft drinks if you prefer) and tap water throughout. Considering the vast amount of food that you’ll consume, this really is excellent value!

What Else Should I Know About Leeds Food Tours?

Leeds Food Tours offers vouchers, making fantastic foodie gifts for Christmas, birthdays, graduations, engagements, weddings, anniversaries, promotions, divorce parties… the list goes on. Vouchers are available on the website and they come personalised and gift wrapped in a nice box with a pretty ribbon. You can buy them here or email me if easier.

Leeds Food Tours, what to do in Leeds: a food tour group outside Kirkgate market, waving at the camera

Leeds Food Tours can also arrange private and bespoke tours. Private tours are great for corporate events such as alternative Christmas parties for small groups, team reward days or client entertainment, and can be tailored to suit your needs. Likewise, private tours can be arranged for birthday parties, hen/stag dos or other special occasions. If you want to visit somewhere specific or just want more booze included, this can be done!

Finally, Leeds Food Tours will be launching an e-book very soon! This will be available for download on the website, and will showcase many of the independent food and drink businesses in Leeds with recipes and anecdotes. To make sure you’re the first to hear about the launch, head over to leedsfoodtours.com and sign up the email newsletter.

Leeds Food Tours, what to do in Leeds: a wooden plate topped with cheese and fruit outside Malcolm Michaels in Kirkgate market

If you have any questions about Leeds Food Tours please feel free to get in touch by email to leave a comment below. Otherwise, I hope to see you on a food tour soon! Social media links are below to help you stay up-to date and spread the word.

Finally, if you want to know what else to do in Leeds, take a look at this blog post full of 67 things to do in Leeds, or if you’re still hungry after your food tour (you won’t be!) you can read about the best restaurants in Leeds or how to eat like a local in Leeds.

Looking for foodie things to do in Leeds city centre? Take a tour with Leeds Food Tours and discover the best local independent restaurants, and support small businesses. Click through to read what to expect. Where to eat, places to eat, pubs, street food, Yorkshire, UK travel, inspiration, city break, weekend away, cities in England.

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Ad - Leeds Food Tours is my own product.

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