Welcome to Adventures with Nell

Welcome to Adventures with Nell


Welcome to Adventures with Nell and my first EVER blog post. I’m finally taking the plunge after wanting to start this blog for a very long time (we’re talking years), and to be honest with you I’m pretty terrified! So I’ll start with a little about me to get into the swing of things.

Those who know me know what I like, as I have no shame in finding any opportunity to talk about the things I’m passionate about. So for those who don’t know me, here are my favourite things in no particular order:

  • Leeds Market. I love everything about this place, and I’m lucky enough to work just around the corner so visit on an almost daily basis. A post all about the market and why you should be shopping there will definitely be making an appearance very soon!
  • Eating food, cooking food, talking about food, thinking about food. My trips away always centre around trying the local cuisine and finding cute, authentic restaurants!
  • City breaks. Whether with my boyfriend Billy, my friends or family (I haven’t yet braved solo travel), nothing relaxes me more than wandering aimlessly and discovering new sights, flavours and cultures.
  • Sean Paul. Whatever my mood, Sean Paul instantly transports me back to uni nights out with the most fantastic girls in the world and gets me dancing.
  • Friends, family, my boyfriend, my flat, my job, living in Leeds and being in my 20s. I’m classing this as one point, as lately I’ve been constantly appreciative that everything seems to have fallen into place and I feel really lucky to be happy in all of these areas. By no means is my life perfect and of course I have days where I feel like shit, but right now I feel pretty good about life!

Hopefully this gives you an idea of who I am and a taste of what you can expect to read about on this blog (don’t worry, I promise not to bore you with posts about Sean Paul). Most importantly, I hope this makes you come back for me!

In the mean time, any tips for a complete beginner blogger with no clue what she’s doing?!

Nell xx

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  1. Marianne Heredge
    November 1, 2018 / 8:44 am

    Well done! I have never got around to blogging. But you must try solo travel – it is really the best. I look forward to following your blog.

    • Nelladmin
      November 1, 2018 / 1:55 pm

      I’m definitely going to give solo travel a try, even if it’s just a weekend city break! I’ll be posting about Hong Kong later this week so look out for that one xx

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