A Tapas Trail Through the Best Restaurants in Playa Blanca

A Tapas Trail Through the Best Restaurants in Playa Blanca

I’m lucky enough to have a boyfriend who’s parents live in Lanzarote, meaning access to sunshine all year! My favourite time visit is during the Christmas period… I usually have Christmas in the UK with my family and then fly out to meet Billy and his family in time for new year. Although I’m not the biggest fan of new year’s eve, I LOVE new years day! I can’t think of a better way to spend the first day of the year than sat in the sunshine with a glass of cold, crisp, white wine accompanied by endless tapas from some of the best restaurants in Playa Blanca.

The ultimate way to experience this is by embarking on a ‘tapas trail’. For me this involves walking from Billy’s parents’ house in Las Coloradas along the winding sea path to Playa Blanca’s Marina Rubicon, stopping at as many places as possible in the marina for a tapas or two and, of course, a glass of wine. When it comes to tapas, I am OBSESSED with garlic prawns, so I order these in multiple venues and use them as a benchmark in measuring the best tapas restaurants in Playa Blanca.

Here are my favourite spots on the ‘tapas trail’, and I highly recommend you visit them when embarking on your own trail of the best restaurants in Playa Blanca.

La Taberna

We only tried La Taberna for the first time this year, and I was gutted that we’d spent so long missing out! It felt really authentic with dishes written on a blackboard and food served as and when it was ready. We ordered garlic prawns (obviously), garlic chicken, grilled cheese and beef stew and each dish was simple and perfectly cooked.

Harbour View

Harbour View is perfect for sitting out in the sun for hours on end eating and drinking, thanks to a lovely grassy seating area with comfy chairs and a great view over the harbour (you never would have guessed from the name would you?!). The other thing that’s great about this place is that it offers a twist on your usual tapas, so it’s a good option if you’re looking for a break from your croquettes and patatas bravas.

The food here is great quality and definitely worth a try, but be prepared to spend a little more than other places and get there early because the most popular dishes do sell out.

harbour view in Playa Blanca

Berrugo Tapas Bar

Billy’s favourite thing about this place is the bowl of crunchy snacks that gets brought out with your drink, but my favourite thing about this place is the garlic prawns. Bold statement I know, but Berrugo does the best garlic prawns in the marina. Juicy prawns, perfectly sizzled garlic and the odd (not too hot) chilli. I’d also highly recommend the fried cheese in filo pastry and, if you’re feeling a little more adventurous, the camel cheese.

Lani’s Snack Bar

I’m pretty sure my first ever experience of tapas was at Lani’s, when I came on holiday to Playa Blanca with a friend as a teenager. The food is straight-talking and delicious, and the generous portion sizes make it excellent value for money. There’s also loads of choice on the menu with burgers, kebabs and spit-roasted chicken alongside the extensive tapas selection, so it’s perfect for fussy eaters. My favourites here are the ribs, fried aubergine with palm honey, garlic prawns (obviously) and croquettes.

Aside from the food, the fish are a highlight here… not to eat but to admire! You can watch thousands of them swimming around through sections of glass flooring, and the waiters will usually bring out bread especially for you to feed the fish over the side of the decking.

Tip: for tapas make sure you head to the snack bar rather than the restaurant!

El Mirador

Whilst the tapas are good at El Mirador, they’re a bit on the expensive side compared to the rest of the marina so we usually just stop for a drink. It’s my favourite spot in the marina because the sangria is fantastic and its the perfect spot for watching the sun set over the sea. Coupled with comfy sofas and chilled out background music, you couldn’t feel any more ‘holiday’ if you tried. Oh, and as well as the sangria I would highly recommend the Gin Fizz cocktail!

El Mirador, one of the best restaurants in Playa Blanca. Two glasses of gin fizz with views of the harbour in the background.

One Bar

We’ve not been to One Bar for a while as it’s at the end of our trail and we usually get distracted by the El Mirador sangria before we make it that far. This bar sits at the end of the marina overlooking the harbour entrance and the sea – not only is it great for yacht watching, it’s also a proper little sun trap! As we haven’t been for a while I can’t remember the specifics but I do remember that the croquettes here were the best on the trail – we tried a couple of different ones and I polished off a load of mushroom croquettes despite not like mushrooms, so they must be good!

Before I finish, I must mention two other places which aren’t on the marina tapas trail but are 100% worth a visit if you’re in Playa Blanca.

The first of these is Casa el Barba. It’s a little out of the way but can be reached by car or, even better, by walking along the Papagayo beaches for about an hour. I absolutely love the romance of walking along the beach with my feet in the sea, stopping for lunch and a bottle of wine with a serious view and then strolling back at sunset. There’s a variety of dishes on the menu that are perfect for a light lunch including a few tapas dishes and sandwiches.

Man with glass of wine and garlic prawns, blue sky behind and smiling directly at the camera

A Glass of white wine perched on a barrel with the sea and evening sun behind, one of the best restaurants in playa blanca

But the thing that sets Casa el Barba apart (other than the fantastic location) is the fresh fish… Billy and I usually share the fish of the day with some chips and house wine (another reason to visit this restaurant). The wine is grown and made locally and comes in an unlabelled bottle. It’s so good that one bottle turned in to three on Boxing day this year, and it didn’t even give me a hangover!

The second one is Alfie’s Bar & Kitchen in Las Coloradas. I’m a little biased here because it’s owned by Billy’s family, but honestly it’s really, really good!

Alfie is excellent at making cocktails (his Sangria in particular is the best I’ve ever had), you’ll also get a warm welcome and the food is spot on. Everything is homemade, mega tasty and satisfying. I’ve tried the steak & ale pie, prawn curry, white Toblerone cheesecake and Rolo cake but I’ve seen a lot of dishes go out and they all look amazing. They do roast dinners on a Sunday and afternoon tea as well if you’re really missing home!

Alfie's Bar & Kitchen, one of the best restaurants in Playa Blanca

So there you have it, a tapas trail through the best restaurants in Playa Blanca and a couple of bonus recommendations incase you’re visiting Playa Blanca. And if you’re deciding between Lanzarote and Gran Canaria, have a read of my Gran Canaria posts:

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Nell xx

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